• What I do

    When you're building products or on the phone with customers, it's hard to take the time to put together a pitch. It's even more time consuming to create all the marketing and sales collateral around it. I've marketed B2B software for over ten years. Leverage my expertise and process to grow your brand recognition and annual revenue.

    How I'm different

    Some marketing consultants produce copy or messaging, but know nothing about leveraging data. Some are very data-driven, but rely on you for content. I am both Google Analytics and PMC Certified in Product Marketing. That makes it a lot easier for me to identify the biggest opportunities for growth, as well as create the materials that resonate with your customers.

  • My services

    Spend less money and make a bigger impact. Here's how I can help.



    Is your marketing reaching all the people who would love your product or service? How do you even begin to figure out something like that?


    From customer interviews to advanced Google Analytics audits, there's a lot we can do to find out. We'll leverage the immense amount of data online to ensure your online presence reaches as many potential customers as possible.


    Messaging Strategy/


    Can customers explain why your product or service is better than the competition? Show customers why you're worth their money, versus tell them what you do.


    Let me help. I've written anything from website copy to white papers, newsletters and blog posts. We'll make sure your product or service's value comes out to the right people at the right time, through the right medium.

    Lead Generation


    Your online presence should be your best source of leads and sales. You're likely leaving a lot of money on the table if you don't optimize it effectively.

    Never lose a customer who would benefit by your product or service. By testing content and then measuring results, we can determine what content resonates the most with your customers at every part of the online buying experience.

  • work samples

    Complete Rebranding/Website Overhaul/Internationalization for Nexmo

    300% increase in leads after new website launch.

    The founders at Nexmo had a lot of domain and technical expertise, but had never done much marketing. The international reliability of Nexmo's SMS and Voice API gave me ample material for content.

    With the team at SuperEight Studios, I managed the launch of a new website in four languages, a new newsletter template, case studies, white papers, as well as a rebranded business card and event booth.


    The site and branding helped Nexmo secure a major round of funding from Intel Capital. They were eventually acquired by Vonage for $230 million.




    Skills used: branding/identity, management of multiple contractors/vendors, layout/design direction, copywriting, analytics, newsletter marketing

    Sales Enablement Materials for Heroku

    Helped close deals such as Mercedes Benz, Activision, and Macy's.

    If you've ever done enterprise sales, you'll know that few enterprises are comfortable being early adopters. That's why sales enablement materials are so crucial.


    I created Heroku's first white papers and significantly increased their available case studies. These included endorsements from big brands such as Activision, ASICS, and CareerBuilder.

    By focusing on high dollar customers, we were able to increase revenue 10,000% in just over a year.




    Skills used: contractor management, copywriting, layout/design direction, video editing direction, newsletter marketing, social media marketing, Keynote

    Namecheap Twitter Trivia Contest

    "Genius marketing." -- Adam Ostrow, former Editor of Mashable

    In 2008, Twitter was just taking off. My client Namecheap and I decided to beat the trend by launching a massive contest on Twitter leveraging the Twitter API. To play, you had to create a Namecheap account using your Twitter credentials.


    The contest resulted in a 20% increase in new customers, over 130 SEO backlinks to our site, and mentions in Yahoo News, Mashable, and O'Reilly Radar.




    Skills used: website copywriting, press release writing, blogging, newsletter marketing, Twitter, design management

    "Momentum Storyline" Press Push for Nexmo

    Article that lead to over twelve VC pitches, several large partnerships, and one acquisition offer.

    Nexmo quietly built a solid customer base with little capital. It was time to show off a bit so potential investors would get excited.


    I wrote a press release that was then pitched to GigaOm, and managed the execution of the announcement. With a new website and branding, a lot of folks in the tech world took notice.




    Skills used: press release writing

    Ghost Writing

    Please contact me for sample articles.

  • Past clients and employers

    Here are a few notable ones.


    Blogger and Twitter-er for Twitter

    The team at Twitter heard of big campaigns I did for Namecheap and charity: water. They brought me onboard to help small businesses make the most of their Twitter presences.

    If you hire me, you'll have someone from one of the largest social media companies building your online presence too.


    Marketing hire #1 for Heroku during period of 10,000% revenue growth

    Heroku needed help to increase revenue after its acquisition by Salesforce. I was the only Product and Content Marketer on the entire Heroku staff. To maximize our sales team's output, I focused on creating sales enablement materials geared towards enterprise accounts, including case studies with named accounts, white papers, and product pages for our website.


    Marketing hire #2 for one of the world's biggest eCommerce software companies

    Volusion has hundreds of employees and is set to IPO soon. There were 15 people in the Austin office when I started. I wrote all of their initial sales emails, set up all of their demos, and wrote their website copy, blog, and newsletter. By streamlining Volusion's messaging, they could make more money with each salesperson they hired.


    First marketing consultant ever

    Namecheap was known in insider tech circles, but had never received much buzz online. They received their first big coverage thanks to a social media campaign we did. I ran viral marketing campaigns that grew their customer base by 20%, and another that created over 4 million impressions on Twitter for under $1000.

  • Certifications and Awards


    PMC Certified Product Marketer

    Discover messaging that resonates with your customers. We'll be using the fundamentals from Pragmatic Marketing's "Product Marketing Certification" course.

    Google Analytics Certification

    Get a complete audit of your website, including how many visitors come to your site, where they live, and where they drop off. I can also help you make the most of Google Analytics, which is a very powerful tool.

    2009 Texas Social Media Award

    I was honored by the Austin American Statesman as the best in the field in the first ever Texas Social Media Awards.

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